LifeWorks lends a hand up to women... helping them find their true identity, purpose, and hope through the power of Jesus Christ.

Giving A Hand Up, not a Hand-Out

Women from many different walks of life can face unexpected circumstances and find themselves in need of assistance. LifeWorks helps in a number of ways... such as:

  • Teaming up women with mentors. Women helping Women!
  • Holding Bible studies and teaching about God's great love.
  • Assessing and assisting with personal needs and resources..
  • Providing training in job and life skills.
  • Affirming the importance and value of each individual.
  • Always offering love and forgiveness with no judgement.

What sets us apart from other mentoring and social service programs is the hope and strength we bring to women through prayer, Bible study and spiritual encouragement. Identifying gifts and God given talents and training to put them into practice in everyday life. 


Powerful things happen when WOMEN HELP WOMEN in a Christ centered enviroment! We are fearfully and wonderfully made, with gifts, talents, and purpose!