The lives of multiple women have been made whole in Christ and enriched through LifeWorks; and it's all because of our donors! We could not do it without your help. As a donor based ministry, your gifts are not only important to our work, but they are necessary for us to do what we do.


Please consider becoming part of our ministry by donating. We gratefully accept one-time gifts or recurring donations. Donors that give monthly through our recurring donation program are our life blood, because we know we can depend on that amount every month to sustain our programs and to pay our bills. God Bless you for any amount you are able to give!

Donations can be made using your credit or debit card, or  with PayPal. Just click on the Donate button.

Note: Recurring donations can only be made with PayPal.


If you prefer to send your donation by check, make your check out to LifeWorks and send it to:


        58 Montgomery Street

        Waynesville, NC 28786


Thank you!